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About Old Hill

Headteacher's Welcome

"Warmth flows throughout the school. You can't see it but it's there."

On behalf of the children, staff and Governors, I welcome you to Old Hill Primary School in Cradley Heath. I am immensely proud to be Headteacher, working with such a dedicated and passionate staff to improve the lives of all the children and community we serve.

As a school, we are forward thinking and research-informed (see our retrieval practice research) We look for ways to improve through research, training, learning from best practice, partnership and constantly reflecting on what we do as we improve child outcomes. Our outstanding, diverse curriculum is fine-tuned from many, many years of intellectual-thinking and considerations. We deliberately and explicitly teach content so nothing is left to chance. This knowledge is then revisited over many lessons, across subjects and even years so that it is not forgotten. That is why, when our pupils leave our school in Year 6, they do so well later in life, not just academically but socially and emotionally.

Family is very important to us and as a small school we know our children and their families very well.  We appreciate and value the strong relationships we build with our families and the role they play in supporting their child's education. We are a partnership.

If you are a prospective parent visiting our website, I can't recommend enough coming to visit our school. Here, I can type words and tell you just how great we are. But it really doesn't scratch the surface. Without visiting, you can't feel the warmth flowing throughout the school nor the sense of high standards, enjoyment and inclusion for all children. We welcome visitors and our pupils particularly love showing off their wonderful school!

Our school values underpin how we work. We are traditional. We value respect, hard work and perseverance. We value building relationships, gratitude and manners. We value enrichment and enjoyment. 

Come and see Old Hill Primary for yourself and join us in the joy of learning!

Craig Westby


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