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Pupil View

Quotes from our pupils

"Both staff and pupils work really hard at Old Hill because we all love what we do."

At Old Hill, we pride ourselves on helping children to aim higher and become the very best that they can be. We are delighted to see that our systems are having such a positive impact on pupils, both inside and outside of school. Staff and pupils work really hard here because we all love what we do!

Below are just a few quotes directly from our pupils.

"I love maths, I love English, I love science, I love learning - I love school!" Abbi

"AstroTurf football pitch, climbing wall, trim trail: you name it, we've got it, thanks to Mrs. Fenby." Dylan & Preston

"Reading is a great time for friends to gather round and jump into our imaginations." Corey


"I don't feel like this is a school, I feel like we are a family because we all care about each other and help each other out. I will miss that when I go to secondary school." Chloe

"Maths is my favourite lesson because it is challenging but I always persevere and even practise at home. My teachers help me if I still can't do it and then I feel proud of my learning." Reo

"I used to make a lot of mistakes and I was scared that I would get told off. Now I know that making mistakes is OK and that teachers will help me understand where I went wrong." Kennedi

"I love my teachers and lessons. We read in every lesson. My teachers are helpful. We are reading Charles Dickens." April

"I love school because I feel safe and I learn more. Also it's really fun. We have chickens on the playground! I like school because the teachers are nice." Kalen

"My favourite thing about Old Hill is the quietness because I can think about what I am doing. Also I like handwriting so I can practise getting it better." George

"My favourite thing about Old Hill is reading because you get to learn new words every day. The more read the more you find out! Also I think reading helps you with your spelling and writing. I also like art because you can learn new hand motions and drawings." Mia

"What I like about school is I feel safe and they give you hard work and that makes me think hard and also makes me think that it leads to a good life. Also they give us fun work as well and I have lots of friends." Alissia

"I really like story time. The BFG is brilliant!" Maddison

"I like playing games outside in Breakfast Club." Lily-May

"I like literacy, numeracy science and history because I learning about stuff. Maths is hard and I like that." Trinity

"I really like the vegetables that we have in our school dinners." Ayaan

"I like using the cubes in maths." William

"My favourite thing about school is playing on Lexia (an online reading program)." Jacob 

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